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@ColemanGlobal is proud to present Season 2 of The Prayer Warrior Podcast. This season we are starting each morning by thanking the Holy Spirit for guiding us as we move through our day. With humble hearts and open minds, we leave our homes with focus, covered in prayer and full of faith.

Good Morning Holy Spirit.

Father, I come to you in the name of your son, Jesus. I’m feeling heavy today and just want to share what’s on my heart. 

I turned on the news this morning and I feel like I have no idea about what’s going on. Things have amplified in every country. 

Rich = mega wealthy. Poor = insanely impoverished.

Father God, please bless those in need. Bless those who are crying out to you. 

At all times, I thank you for your mercies, your blessings and your patience with my life. 

I ask you this in the name of Jesus, and I give you all the praise, honor and glory. 


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In a world where so many things are vying for your time, I just wanted to say, Thank You for your attention. 

In Unity,