Morning Minute S2, Ep5:

April 19, 2022

Morning Minute S2, Ep5: "Power Vs. Influence"
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Season 2 of "Morning Minute with Timothy StoneDancer Coleman" focuses on 'Finding Your Purpose'. 

In this episode, we review our first 4 episodes, and then move forward with the question, "Have you noticed how people respond to you?"   There is a difference between Power vs. Influence.

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In a world where so many things are vying for your time, I just wanted to say, Thank You for your attention. 

In Unity, 



Morning Minute S2, Ep5

Welcome to Community Focused. Globally connected. This is season two Morning Minute. This season we're talking about finding your purpose. I'm your host, Timothy StoneDancer Coleman.

Finding your purpose season two, episode four.

Let's do a quick review, a look back at the first four episodes of season two.

Episode One was entitled "Give Back". We asked ourselves the question, How do we start the path to finding our purpose? The point of the episode was that sometimes we get closer to our purpose by volunteering our time in various ways to see where we have the strongest connection. That connection can lead to

Episode Two was entitled "Excuses". We asked ourselves the question, What excuses are we using that are holding us back? The point of the episode was sometimes we're so comfortable with where we are that we will use any excuse to prevent the discomfort that change can sometimes bring.

In Episode Three, we looked at the people around us. We asked ourselves the question, Who is in your inner circle? The point of the episode was the people closest to us should be building us up, encouraging us to keep growing and not putting us down or discouraging us because they like us where we are. In many cases, what you'll find is that the changes that we make in ourselves will organically begin to have an effect on those that we have a relationship with on a regular basis.

In Episode Four, we spoke about the need to encourage yourself. We asked ourselves the question, What do we say to ourselves when no one else is around? The point of the episode was, are we our own worst enemy when it comes to negative thoughts and negative perspectives? Let's get to today's question.

Have you noticed how people respond to you? There's a difference between power and influence. Power is the ability to impose your will or make others act in a way you want, based on your authority. Influence is the ability to change how someone else behaves or thinks based on persuasion. Let me give you an example.

Power is the boss that nobody likes, but has to listen to. They thrive on one way conversations with their subordinates. Influence is the leader who describes an intended outcome and then opens the door for a two-way conversation with partners in the work. The website 'Simplicable' says "Authority is a social political and business structure that grants and individual rights to make decisions and give orders. Authority is how the world goes round. It's the basis for government and many businesses, families, et cetera. Influence is an equally common and powerful phenomenon that relies on nothing more than words and relationships."

Here's a quick tip. There are times in life when we all have to stand in our power, but in general, try to recognize that although the people around you may not say anything, they will notice how you behave on a regular basis. Folks will eventually draw the line on how they want to associate with you based on nothing more than how you handle your business.

It's okay if you haven't been consistent with your journal. Each new theme that we speak about is another opportunity for you to have that spark that we sometimes need in order to get those initial ideas started.

My desire is that you begin to comment on these episodes and share your discoveries and successes on our website platform at

I'll leave you with this. The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Thank you for tuning in to Season Two, Episode Five of Morning Minute. For all of the things that are trying to steal your focus at any given moment, I just want to say, I really appreciate your attention. I'm Timothy StoneDancer Coleman. You can find me @colemanglobal. Community Focused. Globally Connect. Find us online @ColemanGlobal