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@ColemanGlobal is proud to present Season 2 of The Prayer Warrior Podcast. This season we are starting each morning by thanking the Holy Spirit for guiding us as we move through our day. With humble hearts and open minds, we leave our homes with focus, covered in prayer and full of faith.

Good Morning Holy Spirit

Father God, I come to you in the name of Your son, Jesus. I believe that he came to die and be resurrected for the remission of my sins. 

I believe in the Holy Trinity. God the Father. God the Son. and God the Holy Spirit. 

 All I know is that I love you and I can sense when you are upon me. 

 I ask that in the name of Jesus, through the power, majesty, and mercy of the living God, you surround me with your peace that passes all understanding. 

Help me to stay on target and complete the works that I’m supposed to complete during my time on Earth. Let the things that distract me...all of them....weaken in comparison to the task that you have me here to complete. 

Lord, I give you the honor, the praise, and all the glory, in the name of Jesus. 


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In a world where so many things are vying for your time, I just wanted to say, Thank You for your attention. 

In Unity,