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@ColemanGlobal is proud to present Season 2 of The Prayer Warrior Podcast. This season we are starting each morning by thanking the Holy Spirit for guiding us as we move through our day. With humble hearts and open minds, we leave our homes with focus, covered in prayer and full of faith. 

Good Morning, Holy Spirit!

Today is the first day I’m making a change and starting my day by asking you to envelop me with your strength, your guidance, and your wisdom.

Everyone knows that I have a lot to work on. But, it’s not about them. That’s external.

I need an internal shift. Something that will help me make it to my next spiritual level. Something that will allow me to break this continued cycle of day-in and day-out.

At the same time, Lord I ask that you bless those who are homeless and those who are in need. There are so many reasons why people wind up on the streets. Let them not be judged, but let them be encouraged.

Send your people to declare the truthand to set your children free of the addictions, the mental illnesses, the various depressions, and whatever may apply to each person.

Your will is the only will and I pray that we all Fall underneath it.

Bless your Holy name, and I thank you for your grace, your love, and continued mercy.


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In a world where so many things are vying for your time, I just wanted to say, Thank You for your attention. 

In Unity,